In my younger years, back in my house in southern Italy, the sun was shining the same way. That’s probably why this picture seems familiar to me, makes me want to put myself in a state of longingness missing a long-gone dream. The yellow-ish and orange dimmed shadows shine upon little flowers on the ground. The beautiful garden is full of azure colors, crushed by the burning sunlight that seems to be the main character of this painting. As I sit on my chair in my almost dark, gray room, I start feeling uneasy. This painting, full of color, almost burned out by the heat of the warm sun, feels way more lonely than my gray, colorless setting. That undoubtedly makes no sense the first time you compare the two environments. But then you take a second look, after that a third, and you let yourself feel. The emotions take over, and your body starts feeling like a vessel, created solely with the purpose of carrying the weight of the world.